Yale Smart Lock Installation

Everything is “smart” tech at the moment, from fridges to microwaves it’s all being connected to the cloud in one form or another. Locks are no exception. We’ve recently tested the Yale Smart Locks range. At the moment this comes in two forms, a MPL profile lock (Multi-Point Lock) and a Rim Cylinder profile lock. Both are superb and offer an extensive level of security and convenience. We’re able to supply and fit these at an incredibly competitive price.

So what’s the future for this tech? We’re seeing fingerprint locks edging their way onto the market, although these aren’t yet by any reputable manufacturers.

This tech could advance to the point of, if it’s on your person (I.E. In your pocket or bag) and you touch the handle, the door will unlock. Fingerprint access has certainly caught on with smartphones, but using this new and unexplored technology to protect your home won’t be here anytime soon.


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