Terms & Conditions

Important Information – Terms & Conditions

General Definitions

Certain words within these terms and conditions have a particular meaning, as shown below. Each time we use these words they will have the same meaning wherever they are used in your membership.

Abusive/Threatening Behaviour: An act of being extremely offensive and insulting, and/or having a hostile or deliberately frightening quality or manner.

Cancellation: If after arranging an appointment, either emergency or scheduled, the customer then calls to cancel before any work has commenced.

Customer services number: The telephone number to call when you need to:

  • Make an appointment, either emergency or scheduled;
  • Make a cancellation;
  • Make an enquiry;

Deposit: A returnable sum, returnable after full payment has been made for work completed.

Emergency/ies: Sudden and unforeseen event which:

  • puts property at risk of loss or damage; or
  • exposes your health to risk.

An example is, being locked out of your home; or not being able to lock your home.

Emergency Repairs: Repair any work undertaken by an engineer to resolve the immediate emergency and to further prevent any immediate:

  • Exposure to a risk to your health; or
  • Risk of loss or damage to your property; or
  • Risk that the building will be uninhabitable, in each case arising from the relevant incident.

Engineer(s): The person(s) employed and/or authorised by Vital Locksmiths to deal with your incident.

Multi Point Lock (MPL): A multi-point locking system bolts the door into the frame and locks at multiple points at the turn of a key, giving a high level of security.

Property: The private home, garage or domestic outbuildings (excluding sheds, greenhouses, non permanent structures) within the property boundary at the address given to the engineer over the phone.

Vital Locksmiths: Vital Locksmiths is a partnership which is approved to operate by East Sussex Trading Standards.

We/us/our: Vital Locksmiths, its authorised agents and engineers, unless otherwise stated.

You/your: The person(s) who has the benefit of this membership.



General Conditions

Our guarantee

The workmanship and any part(s) used by us to solve the problem will be guaranteed for a period of twelve months from the date the work is carried out.

Parking restrictions

Any parking restrictions we must be made aware of over the phone. The engineer will ask you upon arrival, where is the appropriate place to park their vehicle. Any Penalty Charge Notices will be payable by you upon receipt. We reserve the right to charge your payment method with these charges, a receipt will be provided explaining such.

The law that applies to our services

This agreement is governed by the laws of England and Wales. All correspondence will be in English.


Acceptable Cancellation:

  • Making a cancellation whereby the appointment was scheduled, prior to 1 hour before the agreed appointment time.
  • Making a cancellation whereby the appointment was an emergency, within 5 minutes of suspending the call.

Non-acceptable Cancellation:

  • Making a cancellation whereby the appointment was scheduled, within 1 hour of the agreed appointment time.
  • Making a cancellation whereby the appointment was an emergency, after 5 minutes of suspending the call.

Acceptable cancellations will result in the full deposit, where provided, being refunded to the original payment method.

Non-acceptable cancellations will not result in a refund of the deposit. This is due to costs being incurred to either:

  1. Turn away emergency customers for the times scheduled; or
  2. Paying employee(s) to begin a commute to your property in a timely manner.

Where a deposit has not been taken, and a non-acceptable cancellation has occurred, we will charge the sum of £50 to the caller, and we reserve the right to use your information in recovering payment. We also reserve the right to pass your information to Debt Collection Agencies in an effort to recovering monies owed.

In some circumstances we will require a deposit using a credit/debit card. This is at the discretion of the engineer, and factors taken into account could be:

  1. The time of day/night in correlation to high hoax/cancellation call times
  2. Your behaviour, or the engineer(s) perception of your behaviour arising suspicion
  3. In busy periods where hoax/cancellations would put other customers in danger

In most cases this will be no more than 30% of the price quoted on the phone.

When can Vital Locksmiths make a Cancellation?

We reserve the right to cancel an appointment, either scheduled or emergency, in the interests of prioritising due to assessments of customer(s) risk of danger. For example, young females, or those with children, will be prioritised over middle aged men, with many other factors including location and the known crime statistics for the areas. We have yet to make a cancellation, our goal is to be there as agreed and we will continue to do so.

We may also cancel appointments, either scheduled or emergency, in the interests of safety of the engineer or other members of the public. This may be from fear of violence, or abusive or threatening behaviour.

Abusive/Threatening Behaviour

Vital Locksmiths does not tolerate any behaviour deemed to be Abusive, Threatening or Assault. Vital Locksmiths reserves the right to charge you £80 if it’s engineers are attacked by any of the aforementioned methods, this will, where possible, be taken directly from your debit/credit card.

The engineers perception of Abusive/Threatening/Assault is taken as final. We will always prosecute.

Obsolete parts

Vital Locksmiths uses reputable suppliers who stock the usual parts required to fix and replace most locks and mechanisms. However if, when attempting to fix your lock/mechanism we find that the relevant manufacturer’s spare parts are not readily available after a search of all Vital Locksmith’s stockists or that parts may be available but will take longer than 28 days to source, Vital Locksmiths will not be able to complete your repair. Additional work may need to be completed which the engineer will explain.

Damage to enter property

The engineer, when dealing with your incident, may need to cause damage to enter your home. This in most circumstances results in no more than damaging the lock, in which case the engineer will be able to replace the lock. In circumstances where other damage needs to be made, the engineer will consult you, and give you a price to make good the damage that is required.