Thanks for looking at this short and simple article on Identifying a type of lock, and the terminology (Jargon) often used in the industry.

By identifying your lock, if you need to contact us we can give you an accurate quote. The prices for these locks can vary greatly, and all have their own range of quality and price.


Rim Cylinder

The most popular lock, this is attached to a Night Latch on the other side of the door. This can also be one of the worst locks, and is a common insurance invalidator if not used with a Mortice Lock.



Mortice Lock

Combined with a Rim Cylinder, this can be a very convenient and effective way of securing your property. These are available as lever locks, or with a Euro profile, meaning that a Euro Cylinder can be placed inside!



Euro Cylinder

Common with uPVC Doors, but also found on wooden doors with a multi-point locking system. Euro Cylinders are vastly popular, but all share some common security flaws which need to be thought about.



Multi-point Lock

Found in all uPVC doors, and some wooden doors now too, Multi-Point locks engage at least 3 completely separate locks into the door frame, preventing any forced entry very effectively indeed.



Tubular Lock

From gambling machines to hot-tubs, Tubular locks are used in a large amount of applications still – a warning to all, these locks are extremely vulnerable. You may notice the fruit machines are having padlocks installed!!

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