We’re ready and equipped to get you back in the comfort of your home, and your life back to normal. Reading this, you obviously want to know how we’ll do it, and if this is going to cost the earth!

How much will this cost me?

Well the good news is, when we give you a price it stays that price. Our price will be VAT-FREE and Fully-inclusive of Labour and Parts. What does that mean? Well we believe we’re the only Locksmiths with transparent pricing in East Sussex, and we’re just a phone call away.

So how much do the others cost?

We’ve heard all the horror stories of Locksmiths not turning up, and making clients wait in the rain or cold. We’ve even heard of many Locksmiths taking a payment over the phone before they even arrive!! After taking part-payment over the phone they are able to increase the cost when on-site.

With this in mind, the cost isn’t just unknown, the cost could be your time, safety, comfort and money.

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